Our partners

It is the first store created by Raumschmiede GmbH (then known as HS Fachmarkt GmbH). We have been providing the webshop with support in furniture logistics for three years. We carry out fulfillment and shipment orders as part of our business. Our partner specializes in extraordinary type of assortment – garden furniture and garden recreation accessories – we store and ship sun loungers, swings, garden chairs and tables, umbrellas and their accessories, lounge sets and many more, all made of variety of materials such as techno-rattan, wood, plastics and metals.

Each year of cooperation we face ever growing challenges – due to the development of e-commerce in general as well as the success of the garden furniture webshop. Garten-und-freizeit.de is the leader in its field in the German market and winner of several industry awards on local and national level. We can proudly say that our operations within the fullfillment services and furniture logistics have significantly contributed to this success, and satisfaction of customers of the webshop.

The online store with wooden and upholstered furniture for interiors is the second creation of Raumschmiede GmbH (formerly HS Fachmarkt GmbH) created to expand variety of assortment of our partner with items that will also be sold in the off-season of garten-und-freizeit.de.

Currently, the assortment of the piolo.de online store accounts for approx. 10% of our fulfillment orders, but its share in furniture logistics operations should increase significantly due to the rapid increase in demand in online sales in 2020 and thanks to engagment of the same team that is behind the succes of the garten-und-freiziet.de webshop. Thanks to their work to increase the sales we have experienced almost 100% grow in furniture logistics operation on piolo.de assortment in 2020 in comparison to 2019.

The newest HSF e-commerce partner. Our cooperation began with the fusion between betten.de and HS Fachmarkt into a single entity called Raumschmiede GmbH in 2019. Our partners joined forces in search of mutual support and strengthening their position on the market of German online furniture stores. As a long-term partner in the e-commerce logistics of the g-u-f.de and piolo.de stores, we also undertook the support of betten.de in the field of furniture logistics. So far, the number of fulfilled orders is not staggering – most activities are still carried out in Germany, but 2020 brought a remarkable increase in orders for all e-commerce companies.

The first negotiations regarding cooperation were held in 2018, just after our company was established in the commune of Tarnowo Podgórne. The school team percive our company as a partner who would support the school and offers students practical education. HSF e-commerce, in turn, sees the Technical School Complex as a source of potential future human resources for logistics and other departaments. Both entities count on the exchange of knowledge and close cooperation and development beyond the borders of the commune and the country thanks to the unique position of HSF e-commerce within an international organization.